Monday, 22 February 2021

Altered Golden Book - new nature journal

Hello. Have you heard of Golden Books? Up to a few weeks ago I hadn't either! Then I watched a video and some clever person altered one and I knew it was something I wanted to try. Off I went online and found some Golden Books in a second hand bookshop. 

So far I have taken the original book pages out, made a new spine, sewn in three signatures that include the original book pages, in fact - why not take a look at my short flip through video, it explains it better!

 I will film a 'how to alter a Golden Book' with another one of my books soon.

This will be my new nature journal, as you can see from this blog post my old one has become a chunky monkey and deserves to be retired!

I am super pleased with how this has turned out and can't wait to decorate it more and add loads of entries. I will be stamping, collaging, journalling and anything else that takes my fancy!


Shabneez said...

Oooooh I haven't come across these Liz - but great way of recycling. I'll be sure to watch your video. Shabneez x