Thursday 24 January 2019

Hobonichi - January update

Hello. I am often asked about my Hobonichi. What is it? What is it's purpose? Do you really do this every day? What's so special about this book?

Well, I have a Hobonichi Techo (English version - Hobonichi is a Japanese company) with a blue cover and a patterned cover on cover. And, yes, strictly speaking, it is just a diary/planner with a page to a day.

People use them in all different ways, but I use mine as an 'anything I fancy doing that day'! For days when I just got up, went to work, came home and watched telly it's just washi tape and stickers. The pages above are exactly that. I used washi and stickers from the Pretty Pale collection by Prima available here from Paper, Pen and Plan.

Other days I might want to jot down what I did along with maybe stamping, colouring or some stickers, like the page below.  

Now, do I do this every day? Mostly I do, it doesn't take long to do a page, maybe ten minutes or so. The longest I have gone without completing a page is three days. But it's fun catching up!

What's so special about this book? I could go into how great the paper is, how lovely the covers are and how it makes it special coming all the way from Japan! Yes, I know I could do this in a much cheaper plain notebook/diary, but would I? 


Shabneez said...

An interesting post Liz - I love my planner and use it in a similar way. Shabneez x

Lee said...