Saturday, 30 May 2020

Journal Entries

Hello. It seems the more free time I have the less blogging I do! How can that be? You would think that of all times there would now be more time spent in the crafty room and blogging. I'm thinking it's down to a few things. The weather for a start, it has been lovely spell for a while now. Last night we sat outside until about nine, a rare occurrence here in the west of Scotland!

Anyway, the entries above are sort of self explanatory. The one below is the second reason less time is being spent in the crafty room. I bought a game for my Switch - Animal Crossing. It's very addictive, amusing and a brilliant way to pass hours and hours!

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Janette said...

The weather has most of us in its spell Liz, make the most of it while we can. Your pages look fab, love the animal crossing page, may have a look at that one.xx