Saturday, 18 April 2020

Movie Bucket List - part 2

Hello, is anyone else finding that although they may have more time on their hands less gets done? I have not blogged since last Saturday! I have been busy though, two Zoom video calls with crafty pals. The first with Penelopes Creatives the team behind Paper, Pen and Plan and the second with Craftaholics Anonymous (the once a month meeting I go to). I am pretty impressed with Zoom, a great way to keep in touch. We have even managed to get technophobe family members to sign up and are hoping to do a video call tomorrow, fingers crossed for that one!

I have also been wasting away hours on Animal Crossing, I'm not a gamer like my hubby but games of this type just reel me right in! I need to collect all the fruit, bugs and fish and I need to build a bigger house. I need to get new residents to my island and I need to visit other islands. Oh the pressure!

And, a jigsaw and some wool to knit the dog a coat is on the way. And, I have an idea for another journal! And, there's still 95 movies to watch!!

Anyway, two more movies ticked off the bucket list. Shaun of the Dead, not funny. And as hubby said in his review Zomboats (we watched it on ITV2, it might be on catch-up) is so much better. And surprisingly, despite how popular it was at the time, niether of us had seen Forrest Gump and had never really fancied it. We were very pleasantly surprised, yes, it's very sentimental but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gets a very well deserved nine.

Movie Bucket List - part 1 is here.


Mrs A. said...

Not watched Forest Gump . I can see
I need to make a bucket list of films
I really need to see. Keep them coming. Hugs Mrs A.

Janette said...

Great page Liz and I agree with you about Shaun and the dead, not seen the other but watched Forrest so much, Tom Hanks is simply the best...Happy viewing...stay safe.xx