Thursday, 3 October 2019

Coffee Journal - part 3

Hello. I have three, yes three, new entries in my coffee journal, well, I was on a weeks annual leave from work so these are really holiday coffees, that's my excuse! The first is The Sugar Boat in Helensburgh (which has actually just won an award). We have been here a few times so have tried the breakfast and the cake. And, as hubby says in his review, it's super dog friendly.

The second entry is Khotel, Great Western Road in the west end of Glasgow. It's on a corner spot so plenty seats outside. Inside the walls are filled with old (or faux) paraphernalia of all sorts, quite a talking point! Inside some of the tables are dog friendly (not the ones beside the counter).

And lastly, Seb and Mili which is in Finnieston. I enjoyed my ham and cheese croissant but hubby was disapointed with the pancakes. It's super dog friendly but would be a tight squeeze if there was more than one or two other customers!

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Liz said...

I love reading the accounts of your visits to the coffee shops and love how you decorate the pages. xx