Monday 18 June 2018

My Hobonichi Techo - May 2018

Hello. Following on from this blog post where I shared a few of my April pages I'm back to share my May pages. I am still loving this little planner and am faithfully making an entry every day. When nothing much has happened, say on a routine work day, I will maybe just stamp and colour or stick a journal card with an inspirational saying. If you want to see more of my May pages there is a one minute flip through of May 2018 here.

If you watch the flip throughs you will see that I mainly use stickers, although there are a couple of my doodles in there! So, because I would love to do more of my own drawings I got this.....

...I haven't had a go yet but it's a gorgeous book and I'll let you know how I get on!


Liz said...

Love how you've decorated your planner. Thanks for sharing your May pages on your YouTube clip. Looking forward to seeing more of your own drawing. xx