Thursday, 7 June 2018

Calligraphy Class and new notebooks!

Hello. A while back I fancied having a go at learning brush pen calligraphy. I bought some pens, a book (a cheap one from The Works), watched some YouTube videos and printed off some free practice sheets. Immediately I knew this was harder than they make it look, I failed miserably and gave up.

Then Toasty Type popped up on my Facebook feed (how does it know these things, oh never mind). A beginners class, three hours long, everything provided (brush pen, pencil, rubber and a practice booklet) and fairly local to me (Braw Wee Emporium). I signed up straight away! Well, my class was last week. It was sooooo good! Jen knows her stuff, and knows how to make the scrummiest chocolate brownies! With a great mix of music in the background we were set to work. Jen showed us all the basics - upstroke, underturn, p-loop, swish and many more. Then after some practice drills it was onto abc and then some words. Before we knew it the three hours were up and we left with the words 'practice, practice, practice' ringing in our ears!

I can't recommend Jen's class highly enough and I will definately be signing up for the intermediate class.  

So, learning a new skill needs a new notebook, right? The pages in this one are covered in little dots and is lovely and smooth. Perfect for my calligraphy drills. The cover was plain Kraft so I had to pretty it up a little. I used paper from this months Sweet Treat box and some stickers from my stash. I even decorated the large pink paperclip again from this months box.

A wee peek inside!

My new lettering notebook now matches my planner and doodle notebooks perfectly. And they all fit nicely into my Lyradori.......