Sunday 31 August 2014

I'm back!

Hello. It's Sunday and that usually means I have my DigiStamp Boutique card to share but I am just back from a little jolly in Ibiza. So no card today just a picture, taken from our balcony, of the gorgeous sunrise. Ibiza is famous for it's spectacular sunsets but that's on the 'party' side of the island and my disco dancing shoes were hung up a long time ago!

This picture ticks off number 13 of the Summertime Scavenger Hunt 'A Sunrise'.

I have loads of catching up in blogland to do and will get time to do that later today. In the meantime a huge thanks for all the lovely comments on the two cards I had scheduled when I was away. It was a real treat to read them all.


Craftychris said...

What a gorgeous view! I am glad you had such a lovely holiday xxx

Lee said...

Hi Liz,welcome back,did Boyd go on his hols too lol.We went to,I think it was Calla Longa or something like that,it was beautiful.Lovely pic.I remember we had an almighty thunderstorm and the power went off hee hee.Huggles xx

craftypam60 said...

Bliss! Glad you had a lovely hol x