Wednesday 23 July 2014

Scavenger Hunt - part 2

 Hello. While out and about I have managed to nab three more finds to tick off my Scavenger Hunt list. See my first finds and read about the hunt in this post here.
Number 17 - A Lamp Post
These unusual lamp posts are on Great Western Road in Glasgow's west end - a favourite part of the city. 

 Number 19 - A Public Garden
And here is Glasgow's Botanic Gardens, photo bombed by a pigeon!

 Number 18 - A Waterfall
This waterfall is in Roukenglen Park. About a 10 minute drive from where we live and we often take the dog there for a walk (we like to mingle with the thoroughbreds in this posh part of town!)

Righty ho, no crafty business for me tonight. I will be glued to the telly to watch the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games being held right on the doorstep in Glasgow.


KT Fit Kitty said...

Hi, Liz - Just popping in to say hello! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Looks like you are having a fun summer with the scavenger hunt - your photos are beautiful!

Sue B said...

Wow! fab photos Liz… and perfect weather for a Scavenger hunt… thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.
Hope you enjoy the Commonwealth Games!! :-)
Have a great weekend!
Big hugs Sue xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love that waterfall!