Monday 16 July 2012

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2012

Here's a bit of fun I came across. A photography scavenger hunt organised by Rinda. There are 21 items on the list and you have until 21st September to complete the hunt. A full list of all the items you need to find and photograph is here.

And to start me off here are my first three, only eighteen to go. Might struggle with a couple but I'm determined to bag all twentyone!
No.4 A roadside stand selling something.
The street food revolution hasn't reached Glasgow yet and so we still have burger vans at the side of the road!
No.12 A maze labyrinth or trail.
This is the much used dog walking trail behind our flat. It looks a little dark but that's Scottish weather for you!
No.15 Someone dancing.
We spent a lovely day at Loch Lomond and we came across some young highland dancers. When I passed by later one was very tearful. Competition is tough in the Scottish dancing world.

Now, where did I see that horse!


Anonymous said...

I can't look at the list because if I do, I know I'll just have to do it and I haven't got time, lol!!!! xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

These are great! Welcome to the Hunt. I love the girls dancing - so cute. And I love the idea of that truck. If it's okay, I"ll probably feature this on my blog soon.

ForgedinPaper said...

The girls dancing is a lovely photo. I'm going to have a try as well.