Wednesday 16 June 2010

An Award!

No card to share but I should have something to show tomorrow. I was weeding my Mum's garden tonight (great fun). So I have warned her I will not be happy if she lets the weeds grow back!

Anyhoo, I got this award from a new blogging buddy, Katina, you should pop over here to her blog for a nosey, definitely worth a visit.

So this is how it works....I now tell you six fibs and one truth about myself and you try and guess which one is the brace goes....

1. I used to live next door to Ewan McGregor.
2. I have never tasted chocolate biscuits.
3. I am a fully trained TV audience member and have whooped and hollared at recordings of BBCs 'Hole in the Wall'.
4. I am a size zero.
5. The nun's always said I was a good singer.
6. I was a Butlin's redcoat.
7. Next week I am getting a tattoo of a button on my buttock!


Georgia said...

Hi Liz,
Hmm...this is a tricky one! I think I'll have to guess that number three is the truth about you being an audience member! :) Love, Georgia xx

bumblealsie said...

must be 7 to go with that zip up your back!!

Anonymous said...

I think you lived next door to Ewan.xx