Thursday 19 July 2018

Junk Journal

Hello. I bet if you are like me you don't throw anything remotely crafty or papery out! So, meet my junk journal basket. This is where I throw all sorts of bits and bobs. Pages from magazines, snippets of beautiful paper, business cards, pretty envelopes (some happy mail envelopes have been decorated, not brown bills - although they can be useful too!!). Anything really. I also keep a stapler and a glue stick in there so that it's all good to go when I take a notion.

Each insert in a junk journal is called a 'signature'. Don't ask me why! The signature above has 12 pages from 6 folded pieces of 'junk'. They are held together by sewing white thread through three holes spaced evenly down the centre. I covered the front of this signature using leftover items from my monthly Sweet Treet box.

On the first page I stuck an envelope, maybe I'll keep some of my secrets in there!!

A couple of the pages are from a Daphnes Diary magazine, a magazine that is perfect for this! I'm looking forward to sticking, doodling and journaling on the rest of the pages. It will then join the rest of my 'signatures' in one of my felt Travellers Notebooks. If I have given you any ideas on using up your bits and bobs, I'd love to see what you do!


Shabneez said...

I have a few of these boxes full of stuff - never thought of making a junk journal. Yours looks interesting Liz. Maybe one day. Shabneez x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Clever idea to save these things. I am fascinated by junk journals - I've watched a couple videos and I am eventually going to make one. Yours looks amazing!

Valerija said...

Valerija xx