Sunday, 7 January 2018

December Countdown - memory keeping

Hello. Today I have some memory keeping to share. To keep me on track I used daily prompts provided by the lovely ladies over at Paper, Pen and Plan. I pretty much kept to the prompts until
about the last week and then I went a bit off piste! I guess that's allowed as everyone's Christmas isn't the same!

On the 11th the prompt was Christmas movies. Although I enjoy Elf and Frozen my very favourite Christmas movie is The Holiday. It doesn't really feel like Christmas until I've watched it!

This is my page for the 9th - nature. We get allsorts of visitors to the bird feeder. 
That's if they can get past the pesky squirrels!

And finally, here is the tree.
So that's a flavour of what's in my December album.
If you would like to see more there's a two minute flip through video of the whole album