Sunday, 22 October 2017

More Memories - part four

Hello. I am so pleased with myself! My memory keeping in my Sn@p album is pretty much up to date. I have decided that the secret is printing the pictures as soon as possible. Then they are good to go whenever you have a few spare minutes.

The first page are views of the trees and the path in the park that backs on to our house. This is where the dog gets walked everyday. The pages below are the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow and then yours truly fooling around. I can never resist popping my head into these cardboard cutouts (do they have a real name?) and this one matches my haunted home image perfectly.

You can see more of my album in this blog post here.


Ruth said...

Please keep them coming because I need to try this for myself. I have 8 years worth of unprinted photographs to go through and you are right, you have got to print them straight away. I've been sorting through them and ordering them in folders in my computer ready to print and then I will be getting them printed in batches and having a go. I just love these!! Xx

Dotty Jo said...

Looks lovely! Jo x

Lee said...

love it.Hope all well with you.xx Huge Cuddle for me boy Boyd.xx