Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A little bit crochet

Hello. I'm pretty pleased with myself! I've been wanting to learn crochet for ages and look what I've made! Baskets made from T-Shirt yarn. I now have baskets to hold my yarn, scissors, pens, you name it! The grey one above has handles built in and the pink one below has ribbon threaded through near the top. And, of course, they both have a big button!!

I'll be back with a card tomorrow, see you then!


Lee said...

Oh WOW,Liz is there no end to your talents.Boyd will be spoilt now for Blankets hee hee.Loving these Baskets was there a pattern with the yarn or did you find one elswhere.I love them.Hope all well with you and Boyd.Huge Huggles to all and Huge Cuddle for me boy.xxxx

Unknown said...

They are absolutely gorgeous Liz, I have been saying for years I want to learn crochet too mainly so that I have something to do in the evening as I can't just sit watching tv I get restless lol...maybe this year !
Hugs, Kaz xx

Milka Gubo said...

Sooooo cool!!! Love them both!! :o) xx

Marianne said...

Well done you! These are looking great, Liz. I've been thinking of crocheting a few small baskets to hold my alcohol markers to put them in my Ikea cart.
Your little projects make me want to visit the new yarn shop in the village.