Monday, 21 October 2013

I'm on a break!

Hello. A lot of you will know that I'm in the middle of organising my Mum's move to her new home (thanks for all the kind wishes and cyber hugs - you will never know how much they have been needed!). 

Up to now I have managed to find a few minutes here and there to be crafty and blog but with the move just this Friday and a major hic-cup with the electrics (don't ask!) I don't have any spare time at all. 

I will (hopefully) be back next week some time.


Claire said...

Hope everything goes well hun and see you soon! Hugs, Claire x

Deirdremf said...

Good luck with your mum. My mum is in a care home now and happy. Altho she insists they never feed her. Ever. Deirdrex

rosie said...

hope all goes smoothly with your Mum's move. hugs to you both x