Wednesday 25 August 2010

I'm Back.....and an Award

Howdy doody everyone. I'm back from Portugal, totally chilled and a little sun kissed. This was waiting for me in blogland ....

....thanks a lot Mel for thinking of me. So this one comes with these tasks...
  1. Thank the person who gave it to you.

  2. Put the award on your blog.

  3. List three things about yourself.

  4. Post a picture you love.

  5. Tag 5 other people for the award.
So here goes....

1. I love all things Italian, especially pasta.

2. I have a freckle in an unusual place, and no, I'm not saying where.

3. The most played song on my ipod is...Being Tyler by Lambchop.

....and here is a picture I love. Last December we went to Dubai on holiday and this was the view from our balcony. Since then I have read this and will now definately need to go back!

Anyhoo, I have a mountain of washing which will no doubt turn into a mountain of ironing. Does anyone know the secret of stopping that happening? So probably no card from me until Penny Black time on Saturday. See you then.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Liz, glad you had a good time x

melsanford said...

Love the piccie! What a view! Looking forward to your next creation :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

bumblealsie said...

dear bloggers I saw said freckle last year after a few too many glasss of vino!!!!!!

Dragonlady said...

Liz just how close are you and Bumblealsie!!!!
Glad you had a good holiday and I just checked out the link to Ingvilids blog - Wow such amazing architecture in Dubai!

Hugs Ali x