Sunday 17 January 2010

Fruity Bouquet

No card, but thought I would share this with you. It is our 4th wedding anniversary on Tuesday and look what my lovely friend gave us. How unusual and fabilicious is this? I had to quickly take this picture before I started munching!

So I took the little mini sewing machine back to hobbycraft, it was useless. I have now fished out my big one from the back of the garage, wiped it down and made more than a few spiders homeless. Hopefully it will still be working. I am itching to try stitching on my cards and may have a go tonight.

While I was at hobbycraft I bought a desk calendar blank and plan to do each month as they come along, oh dear, I don't think there will be enough hours in the day cos' I have also ordered some soap making stuff which should hopefully arrive at the beginning of the week.

That Martha Stewart book I got for Christmas has a lot to answer for, including my dwindling bank balance!


Always with a Sentiment said...

Hiya Liz, wow that looks yummy. Happy Anniversary for Tuesday, hope you both have a lovely day.
Lots of love, Sandra xx

bumblealsie said...

Is this something you could use like they did in the 9 weeks scene? 4 years can you believe it? I was always itching to itch my stitches too.

Georgia said...

What a fantastic idea for a present, that looks absolutely gorgeous! Have a great anniversary! :)
Love, Georgia xx