Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Holiday Snaps London

So here are the promised holiday snaps I will try not to bore you too much and just show some highlights. I am not in the slightest photogenic and run a mile when a camera is pointed at me but I promise that I was in fact there!

We stayed at the Lord Milner in Belgravia. I can highly recommend this little hotel, our room was lovely and it is in a great location.

A ten minute stroll to Buckingham Palace and in the other direction about 30 minutes to Big Ben and Parliament.
The yummiest and most not to be missed afternoon tea is to be had at the Haymarket Hotel. Give yourself plenty of time as this cake stand is just for starters, they are more than happy to replenish anything you want. I highly recommend an elasticated waistband!

The British Museum is fab (and look out for Blade Rubber stamps just across the road). Didn't nearly have enough time so just picked out the Egyption section to have a wander round.

And look, who'da thunk it me and DH in a former life!

We saw two shows. Avenue Q and Wicked. Both were excellent but I think Avenue Q won it for me.


Dragonlady said...

Hi Liz

Great pictures I love seeing where other people have been. I'm the same about my photo being taken but I have to provide one for my GT spot on Tueday Taggers probably 15/9/09 so watch that space.

Ali x

bumblealsie said...

Always a good idea to keep out of the photo unless you do look like Elle. Did you really take a photo of those cakes? Looking fwd to 15/9.