Monday, 5 January 2015

My First Planner

Hello. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a plan that would (hopefully) make me a more organised crafter and blogger. Well here it is - my Arc planner! And I love it already. But then I think loving all kinds of stationery goes along with loving paper! I was nearly tempted into ordering one of those fancy personalised American ones but as this is my first experience of a planner I drew the line at taking out a second mortgage.

So above is the front cover and I have just left it the way it came. You then choose what you want for your pages, what type of dividers, task lists etc. Everything just pops onto the black disks - very nifty!

I used up some old stickers to decorate the first divider, not very exciting but I'm new to this and might add more or change it around as the year progresses.

 I chose to make the first section a week to view with an extra little to-do list in the middle of every week, I have listed that weeks planned projects there. The clear ruler bookmark easily pops off to move to the next week. I added a little calendar peel off sticker.

This section is the main to-do list.

 At the back there is a clear zipped pocket to keep all the pretty things that will make your planner more exciting!

 And finally, these are the stamps I will use on the planner. The calendar stamp set was free with a magazine yonks ago. The other set is by Waffle Flower.

 I will most likely spend more time decorating and updating my planner than actually doing stuff. But, heyho, that's all part of the fun.


Sarah said...

Such a fab idea Liz and it looks great already!! xx

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

What a super idea Liz. I really need to get organised myself, may have to make myself one. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy New Year! hugs Heidi xx

Juls said...

Oooooh this is fabulous :-) xx

Kerri said...

love your planner I have one as it!!!

Sue said...

This is gorgeous Liz, I definitely need one of these!
Sue xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Happy New Year Liz. What a great idea! I write all my things down in an A4 notebook which looks very similar to the cover of yours. Love all the stickers and bits - fab! Susan x

Carole said...

You have ben busy and yes if you are anything like me you will spend more time planning and decorating said planner than executing the plans!! lol Good Luck! Hugs xx

Lee said...

Great idea love the decor,happy planning.By the way ta for your email,can't wait for me goodies.xx