Friday, 30 November 2012

Don't leave out your Smash Book!

Told hubby he could have a page of the Smash Book to list the Christmas pressies he wanted me to buy. This is his efforts. Not bad, I like his hand drawn doodles. But he should stick to his day job! Have hidden the Smash Book in case he decides to become a closet crafter!


Anonymous said...

Lol!! Fab, Liz! I think he shows a lot of potential as a crafter and you should share your stash nicely ;o)


MagsB said...

Oh this is wonderful! All I get from my hubby is an illegible list on a bit of paper torn from an old diary! Also, there are some good choices there... Thorntons Mints.... Mmmm...

love Mags B x

rosie said...

brilliant idea!! like his choices. my hubby is the easiest person to buy for too! fruit pastilles, any dvd and some smellies and he is happy!!
hope your hubby gets his wishes!!

Jennifer said...

What a fabulous page...very artistic (and informative).

Every year about this time, my John starts saying "you know I don't want anything for Christmas". BUT guess who loves opening his presents on Christmas morning????

Jennifer. x