Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday's News

Here is what winged it's way into the crafty room this week. Sn@p - the simple version of scrapbooking! Great choice and brilliant service from Angel Crafts (thanks for the little free gift).

I would love to have time to do full on scrapbooking but I don't. So this is the answer. The binder has plastic wallets divided into different sizes and you simply slot in your photograph (or whatever) and choose some of the pre-printed journalling cards etc for the other slots.

I have already printed off some snaps which don't deserve to just live in the computer! Can't wait to get started.


Sue B said...

This looks fab Liz... lots of fun to do and wonderful if you are short on time!

LOL - I just saw about your comment moderation above... really made me chuckle!! hee hee!!

Hope you have a good week!
Hugs Sue xx

Anonymous said...

looks fab Liz, have fun!
Helen x