Monday, 8 February 2010

My Adventures with Soap

So here is how my little lavender guest soaps turned out. Not half bad eh?

They started off life as a brick of melt and pour soap base. And as these little ones were to be lavender I also needed some lavender fragrance and some violet colouring.

I used a little less than half of the melt and pour and cut it into small cubes. I then melted it in a jug inside a pot of hot water. It took about 30 minutes to melt.

Once it was melted I added a few drops of the fragrance and colouring. I don't think you are supposed to stir as much as I did 'cos I got a few bubbles round the edge.

The soap was then poured into the fairy cake tray and left to set. I managed to skim the bubbles of the top. It took about three hours to set.

Once it was set I couldn't get the blighters out the tray. So I
'googled' it and then put the whole thing in the freezer for 20
minutes. After that they slid out easily.

I have picked out the best eight and made two packages of four. I gathered the cellophane and tied with rafia. The tags are stamped using 'tapestry' stamps I hardly ever use, but ideal for this. Finished off with a flower and 'Lavender Soap' written by my own fair hand.

So there you have it, easy peasy. Please let me know if you have a bash at making soap I'd love to come and take a nosey.


Faye said...

Well, I'm not half as brave as you, so I am going to admire your scrummy creations instead! Good work! As for in the freezer - genius! x

Clare said...

Hi Liz,
Your soaps look fab and I bet they smell great too. They will make gorgeous gifts.
I didn't know you could buy melt and pour soap base. I think I might like to give soap making a try. Thank you for sharing.
Clare x

hello gorgeous said...

that's SO cool liz, fab gift idea....especially with valentine's day coming up....strawberry hearts next? ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

bumblealsie said...

you sound so pleased with yourself and you should be

Alien said...

They look good enough to eat!! Just the right size too for small basins. I always end up buying large bars and cutting in half.
These look so much better.